Why I travel

I design and host bespoke travel experiences that inspire the mind, body, and soul. My trips, to either Buenos Aires, Argentina or San Sebastian, Spain are for individuals and/or small groups of no more than 8 guests at a time. 
Why these destinations? First, because they are truly beautiful, inspiring places. Second, because I know them in depth, having either grown up and/or lived there extensively.
This direct, personal experience makes it possible to create unique visits for my guests, matching their specific interests and tastes.

Some of my trips are theme-based, pre-scheduled for guests to join ("Open groups"). Others can be designed and scheduled for your own group, at your convenience ("Private groups").       

You will not only create unforgettable memories but also gain a deep understanding of what gives the cities we visit their unique personality. Who knows? Perhaps you will choose to add some of the local routines and practices to your own life. 

Your host, Vivi Ortelli Szleifer, my story.

I first met my husband in Buenos Aires almost 25 years ago, even though at the time he had already been living in the US for around 15 years. We met for drinks and dinner (actually for drinks and a movie, but that changed kind of quickly)  on a warm summer night, just the two of us among thousands of people dining, walking around, laughing, enjoying late night coffee or ice cream in the classy Recoleta neighborhood. The beauty and passion of the city brought us together, and we never looked back.

Soon after that night I visited Minneapolis (in February!), and I have been living there ever since. In addition to traveling in the US and overseas I've lived for extended periods in Israel and Spain.

One constant in the past twenty five years has been my passion for creating extraordinary experiences for myself and others, experiences that go beyond “being exposed to” or creating “new memories” and instead help people connect (or re-connect) with what really inspires and matters to them, so that they can fulfill all their dreams. I enjoy hosting exquisite meals which the guests take an active part in preparing (from an Argentinian style barbeque (asado) on the Fourth of July, Argentinian meat included, to a black tie dinner for New Year’s eve, or an eclectic Middle Eastern Passover).

I see art and design as unique avenues into expanding the horizons of what is possible, and enjoy creating it.

I am painter and textile artist, I have enjoyed  absorbing art at countless venues around the world.

And so it happened that, after spending four years overseas, we returned to Minnesota and decided to keep hosting small groups of people, but now in my "homes away from home". I share with my guests two extraordinary places I know intimately, Buenos Aires in Argentina and San Sebastian in Spain (beginning in 2018).


In Buenos Aires I enable my guests to experience the city “from the inside out”. Not only do they have a direct, personal experience of the unique aspects of this beautiful city (its food, culture, art, tango, etc) and of meeting local friends, but they also gain an insight into the history and the variety of people who made this uniqueness possible. My guests are consistently left with not just great memories but also lasting inspiration.

I am curious, passionate and committed to living a fulfilled life.

Throughout my life I have been moved to look for what is my deepest desire in life.

I have explored different disciplines, learned and practiced different ways to access and understand what is really important to me.

I have explored and lived in different parts of the world and experienced different cultures.

I have come to discover that what I love the most in life  is to be involved in causing this kind of self exploration for others.

From the experience I have gathered in the last 25 years, I have have designed Makor World: gatherings, events and trips that inspire and empower others to discover what is important to them and fulfill on their deepest desire.


My friend and our Tango instructor Alejandro Puerta:

One of the best tango instructors in Buenos Aires, Alejandro is a molecular biologist with a Ph.D. from Chiba University in Japan. According to him, science is art in a straightjacket. One day, he took off the lab coat, left his career, and followed his dream and never looked back.

Art had been a major part of his life since his childhood in Buenos Aires.  He loved tango music and dance.

He teaches tango the same way he lives his life – from the inside out, leading from the heart. His students develop a passion for the music, for the culture of the dance, for honest tango.

He focuses on the basics: personal expression and connection between partners, not on empty flourishes and adornments. He speaks fluent English and Japanese – as well as Spanish, of course.